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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we?

Wisconsin Takes Action is a project of Organizing Empowerment PAC and a coalition of partners. We are a progressive political organization helping to increase voting in Wisconsin. Many of the freedoms that we have as Wisconsinites have come before the Wisconsin Supreme Court in the past. Like yourself, we care about voting rights, preserving access to abortion, LGBTQ+ rights, and ensuring dignity and a fair wage in the workplace. The most impactful people in someone's life are their friends and family and that is why we are compensating people for their time not to go door-to-door talking to strangers, but instead spend that time talking to their friends about the importance of voting and supporting progressives in Wisconsin.

What is a Community Mobilizer?

Community Mobilizers are folks who reach out to their networks of friends and family to talk about voting and elections. Community Mobilizers make sure that everyone in their circle is registered to vote and is actively engaged in our democratic process. We are excited to get our progressive candidates elected in Wisconsin by encouraging our network to focus on issues that benefit us all.

Who can be a Community Mobilizer?

Anyone can be a Community Mobilizer! We have Community Mobilizers from all walks of life - teachers, students, waiters, people looking for a side gig, individuals who aren’t currently employed, and retail workers. We need excited people who are willing to spread the message about voting and what’s at stake this April.

What type of things should I talk about as a mobilizer?

We encourage reaching out to your network to remind them about voter registration deadlines and election dates. You can also tell them details about the progressives running for office to fight against the attacks on women’s rights and our democracy.

Where can I find resources about election dates and registration deadlines for Wisconsin?

We recommend using as a resource for all questions related to deadlines, elections, and voter ID requirements.

What is the time commitment?

You can work your own hours using your own phone. You’ll attend an online training to learn how the program works and then you’ll call, text, or message the people on your list to share information, and have conversations with them a handful of times between now and April.

What kind of information should I share?

We want you to encourage the people in your network to check their voter registration status, get registered to vote, encourage them to vote for the progressive Supreme Court candidate, and get reminders on deadlines for the April 4th election.

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