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Wisconsin Takes Action supports Community Mobilizers to talk to their friends and family!

Sign up today to get trained on how to use it and meet the team.

What is the Empower app?

The Empower app is the tool you will use for your outreach. Empower is where you’re going to create a list of the people you know and keep track of your conversations. It is not the place where you have the conversations –– you can have conversations in any way you feel comfortable by text, WhatsApp, phone, in-person and more! Talk to your friends however you are most comfortable!

Download Empower

Downloading the Empower app is as simple as clicking here! You can also use Empower on your computer browser, although your phone may be easier to track your outreach.

Clicking the link above and it will take you directly to the app store. You can also go to your app store on your phone and search “Empower organizing app”. Once you download it, enter the committee code “Wisconsin Takes Action”.

Getting Started

Creating your account is fast and easy. Please enter your email or phone number. The app will ask you for your ZIP code and your name, please enter both.

How to build your list

After you enter your phone number or email, your ZIP code and your name, the app will ask you to create a list. You should go through your phone contacts and add 75 people you will reach out to. Adding names is as simple as checking each name, and “Add From Contacts”. If there is someone you speak to regularly that you do not have a phone number, that’s ok, you can add them manually by clicking “add manually”.

When you are ready to save your list, please click “Save and finish” in the top-right corner. Then, you’re ready for your first ‘Call to Action”.

How to have conversations

We win by having conversations with people in our lives. Your first call to action will be called “Wisconsin Spring Election Awareness”. To get started, please click “Reach out” and follow the on-screen instructions. Choose who you want to reach out to first once you finish reading the instructions. Then Empower will take you through the rest of your list one by one.

How to keep track of your conversations

Keeping track of your conversations is essential! To track your progress, Empower will ask you if you’ve been able to reach the person. Once you reach them, fill out the questions below to let us know how your conversations went. When you’ve finished logging your conversation, move on to the next person on your list.

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